The Center for Market Communications at the European University Viadrina was founded in 2017. The Center is the first of its kind in Germany devoted to research and research-related activities in the field of market communications and consumer behavior. The Center members are conducting groundbreaking research in the field, cooperate with a large number of international scholars all over the world, and serve as innovative resource for the marketing communication industry.

The Center has the following purposes:

  • To conduct groundbreaking research in the field of market communications and consumer behavior.
  • To connect and establish a larger international network of researchers in the field.
  • To support and educate young researchers in the field.
  • To provide a forum for exchange between academics and professionals in the field, to inform and consult practitioners, and to increase the collaboration between academia and practice.

Research topics of the Center revolve around a wide variety of issues related to marketing and market communications and consumer behavior such as creativity in advertising, humor in advertising, communication in social media, culture, diversity, and ethics in market communications and consumer behavior, or societal effects of market communications.